Monday, July 8, 2013

Buy Silver

We buy silver of all types in our antiques mall in Fort Myers, FL. See us about getting top dollar for your silver and take a look at the silver we have in our showroom. We buy silver bullion, buy silver coins, buy silver dollars, and of course we buy antique silver. If we can help you with your silver please contact us. We also offer free antique appraisals.

We buy silver, We buy vintage silver, antique silver, and sterling silver. Contact us if you have silver you would like to sell. Sometimes with vintage silver, antique silver, or rare sterling silver pieces the value can be higher than the melt value. Let us help you determine if your silver value is greater as an antique than just its melt value. Rare vintage silver and antique silver pieces are very sought after and becoming harder to find. Before you sell your silver for melt value please see us about buying silver as a collectible silver item.

Buy silver, Antique silver and vintage silver buyers showing an assortment of silver items. You can see a case filled with vintage silver flatware pieces and antique silver flatware items. There are some old sterling silver ladles, antique silver salt cellars, vintage art deco sterling silver match safes, a large antique ivory and silver page turner, and many more rare treasures. You can see they buy silver pieces of all ages and all types. They buy vintage silver match safes which were very common in the early 1900's. They buy antique silver flatware which sometimes has a silver value higher than its silver melt value. Rare silver items are very sought after before you sell your silver for melt see if it has a silver value worth more as antique silver. Check with our antique silver appraisers. Contact us if you would like help with your vintage & antique silver items.

See also some of the incredible pieces of antique silver from our antiques mall on our page Antique Silver.

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